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kimura;; i'll just !!!!

I was originally ticked at her because she sent everyone who missed class last week had to do these extra readings and if we didn't, she'd take points off. So I did the readings and then reread them today before class, expecting the worst.

Instead, class was actually pretty chill. We had some good discussions and (thankfully) I got to participate a lot. I was kinda doing it just so I didn't feel like all that time I spent reading for that class wasn't for nothing - a kinda IN YO FACE BITCH! move but not really. She also went around the class to talk about what our research papers were going to be on and when I told my idea she really liked it so I was like yay! I don't have to stress about this one as much as the other paper I have to do that is literally murdering me!

well the vending machine ate 40cents when i tried to get a snickers BUT THE PART OF CLASS AFTER THE BREAK WAS OK TOO LFMAO... kinda made up for it. i just wasn't so rageful etc.

after class I meet with my prof with the other kids in my group cause we all have to present together, and talked about what we had to do... it's pretty straight forward, thank god. one less thing to worry about.

And after that she was like "Oh Kat!" and I was like UH SHIT WHAT.... and she thanked me for doing the readings.
I was absolutely blown away - I've never had a teacher thank me for something like that before. She said she was glad I had done them because my contributions in class that day were really good and helped move the discussion along really well, and I just couldn't stop smiling as I left the room. It made me feel really good that the work I had put in made her happy, and her life a little bit easier. Even though this class and the readings drive me insane, the professor really is such a great woman. My grade in this class isn't so hot at the moment, but I think I can pull it up with this next assignment, my presentation and my final. Yosh!

also i did my Islamic law presentation today... and the woman who holds class in the room after us kept trying to interrupt me while I was presenting which is literally the most annoying thing in the whole universe. The first group ran long and I was last in mine, so my presentation ended up being mad rushed and I don't think anyone got anything out of it LMFAO. Oh well. At least it's done, and my professor can't mark me down because A HUGE BITCH PROFESSOR KEPT INTERRUPTING ME. So yeah.

Oh and I fell on my bike on the ice on my way to my Islamic law class. My luck with bikes is quite impressive. I have huge bruises on my legs again from my most recent spills, they truly are impressive.
kimura;; i'll just !!!!
To all of my American friends, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It's a beautiful thing, and I hope all of you enjoy it and get nice and fat.

This is the first time I'm spending a holiday away from home, and it's not that bad. Really quiet, sure, but nothing horrible. I have to go out and get some more meat for the potluck that me and my friends are cooking for dinner tonight, but otherwise it's just me. Chillin. Doin some homework and watching some super street fighter 4 tournament videos. Playing a little Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal. Pimping my newest icon post. Good times.

*waves at f-list forever*
21st-Nov-2010 12:37 am - (cozy)
kimura;; i'll just !!!!
dear nessy, noodles, and kai

first of all this laptop is really weird and i have no idea how this keyboard works so this won't be fancy but i want to say it.

Meeting the three of you was one of the best experiences of my life. you are all beautiful, honest, quirky, and incredible people. hanging out with you was so much fun and i don't know if i'll ever be able to repay you for picking me up at the train station, showing me around, letting me share a bed with you, letting me eat your food, and paying for my meals. the way you guys can just be true to yourselves and talk about whatever the fuck you want even in public is really something i respect, and forever i will associate the simpsons with you because for some reason that's all i saw on portugal TV (even in this hostel). i actually had a really lame breakdown and cried a little bit on the train - i'm really going to miss the three of you. i know i can talk to you online, hell i'm talking to kai on plurk right now, BUT IT'S NOT THE SAAAAAAME.

not only that but portugal is such a cool place. for everyone else on my f-list, go visit it. even in fall it's still warm even if it rains randomly.

so yeah. i feel like i thought up more eloquent and nice things to say to each of you when i was on my longass train ride, but oh well! just know i love you three to pieces and if you ever need anything come get me.

ps to the rest of my f-list again: i love all of you guys too, whether i don't know you at all or if you're practically family to me. i know people are getting stressed out over a lot of stuff around this time of the year, and it's getting cold and dark and depressing, but don't let it get you down!! you are always loved, so keep your heads up and breathe - you'll make it.
kimura;; i'll just !!!!


oh first of all museum night is when we got into a ton of museums for free and they had sweet events for us and then we got cheap entry to a really cool club and free rides on public transit all night.

•we started out by coming to our room, putting wine in water bottles, and eating spring rolls and mango. it was pretty sweet.

•then we biked out to club 8, where we wanted to end out night and then took the bus to the NEMO museum's pirate ship.

•the pirate ship was pretty awesome. They had a jazz singer in the hold with all these hammocks so we chilled there for a short while. the whole boat was filled with actors who were screaming about pirates and re-enacting random bits of average sailor lives it was pretty cool.

•SECOND, de olde kerk, or in english the old church. i always forget this church is right in the middle of the red light district LMFAO.

•the church was filled with contemporary artists and a woman who kept asking people to ask her jesus statue questions in auto tune. the church actually surprised me the inside was beautiful and all the little events were neato. like this table of people in hazmat suits playing with a microwave, test tubes, and something that looked like green jello. yeah, i don't get it either.

•Next, the Biblical Museum. There was a walk on water thing which was literally get in this big blown up cylinder and walk in it on the canal. it was pretty funny LMFAO but we didn't do it cause the line was huge.

•The actual museum itself was filled with artwork, but art people had done and it all looked like stuff kids would make?? like none of it was really any good... but it was cool to see. they didn't just have christianity they had some islam and judaism too. and the guy who founded the museum's random shit collection which mostly consisted of egyptian artifacts. yeah.

•We watched something we thought would be about how to make water to wine or something cool, but instead it was this guy talking in Dutch about how to make wine. Oops. We would have left but we were right in front.

•After that, snack break. Got some fries. So good.

•Finally, the media art museum. Easily the coolest place of the night. They had cheap cocktails, a dance floor and a dj, and a bunch of video game things. One you used a PS2 controller to move around this blob and depending on how you did it the blob made different sounds and shit it was really cool. There was also this exhibit were you could play a deep sea diving game or play live action pong like that kinetic thing for the 360 that's out now.

•There were also a bunch of movies - one was of these Japanese kids doing cosplay and roleplaying through the city and i almost judged them till i realized i recognized the costumes and really had no right to judge at All.

•My favorite thing though was a video of people playing the game Counter Strike and every time someone got injured, it would send a signal to this thing that would drip fake blood. It was so crazy to watch, someone would get shot and the wall would bleed a little bit. Nothing really revolutionary, but it still blew my fucking mind. You could also play grand theft auto LMFAO.

•oh and they had table tennis on the top floor. fuck yeah.

•We hung out there & got drinks and danced at the dance floor till about 12:40, and then we headed back to club 8. the dance floor at the media museum had good music but actually got political with this video about australia playing in the background LMFAO that was part of the reason anyway not the point. we got to club 8 at about 1:15, and then drank two and a half of the three water bottles full of wine we brought before going in.

•Club 8 itself was nifty - the walls of the stairwell and the club were all covered in graffiti art and the music was pretty good. They played remixes of Metallica, Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, Cee Lo Green, and some other rap dudes. so we danced and all was well.

•THEN THIS GUY STARTED TALKING TO ME and he was really cute to be quite honest... we just had this discussion about each other and then he was like "um... i really like talking with you but you know i uh have a girlfriend." and i was like dude I don't give a shit LMFAO we're having a really nice convo whatever. he was pretty surprised i was cool with it but we just kept talking and then he bought me a beer and we talked about how we loved watching people especially in clubs because it's such a crazy dynamic and there's a big difference between men&women etc it really was cool. i even told him about how anthro was all about that stuff and he was like "damn i'd study that". his name started with an o and he was from bosnia so his name was pretty crazy and i don't remember it at all. SADNESS. i'd like to talk to him again he was nice and funny it's a shame i'll probably never see him again. oh and at one point he rested his hand on the small of my back and i realized i hadn't had physical contact in SO FUCKING LONG JESUS CHRIST. not even something sexual just like... hugging someone or passing out on someone's shoulder GOD I MISSED SHIT LIKE THAT. tho in that sense it was a damn good thing he was single cause he was like "you really are pretty if i was single i'd be much more interested in you that way" and @_!!!!!!
moving on.

•oh i think this club had free cocaine in the men's bathroom because there were these group of guys who were literally dancing like insane people. one of them practically leaped onto my roommate and she tried to back up but he kept doing his crazy dance with her LMFAO IT WAS SO FUNNY YET SO WEIRD AT THE SAME TIME.... me and mysterious cute bosian guy talked about how ridiculous they were for like 10 minutes LMFDAKS.

•we left the club at almost 4am and got back like half an hour ago and dear god it is 5am

so yeah

tl;dr: museum night was fantastic i'd do it again in a heartbeat and if anyone else wants to do museum night where ever else museum nights are held, go fucking do it.

goodnight everyone.
25th-Sep-2010 07:03 pm - UH-OH
kimura;; i'll just !!!!
WELL today was interesting I must say! I got a lot of things done and played tourist, which was good I got to see a bit more of Amsterdam that way and I did shopping/scoped out good clothing stores and cheap places for souvenirs. My roommate has a friend over for the next few days (who reminds me of Emma cause of her face and it's so strange) and:
►We showed her around Dam Square and the pedestrian shopping on Klaverstraat
►got Dutch pancakes (omg i had apple/cinnamon/sugar it was orgasmic) and there was this cat there in the restaurant just chilling on a chair LMFAO so cute.
►then they went to the Historical Museum I went to with my Dutch class on Thursday, so I went out and explored!

I finally found the flower market which is AMAZING and a couple of really cute shops. I'm debating buying tulip bulbs for my aunts, I think they'd like them. I also got more batteries for my camera and some postcards to send out to people (but who! HM!). Then I went grocery shopping. LMFAO. so anti-climatic.

Other than batteries and groceries, I bought something for me that is totally and most definitely awesome even if it was a 10euro knock-off of the real thing:


HATERS TO THE FUCKING LEFT i love oranje ok. AND if all goes well, I'll get to see them play in Ajax stadium against Sweden! IES got 28 tickets and are selling them to us for 5euro. 5EURO!!! It's too beautiful for words. I'll camp out in front of the building for them if I have to.

Also dethroned_king my Lupin the IIIrd torrent is finally done we should watch that tonight or tomorrow :
kimura;; i'll just !!!!

I can ride a bike through Amsterdam!! HURRAY!

The cost however comes at my poor, bruised as shit legs.


they're so sad.

in other news I want to replay earthbound because I spent a lot of this morning listening to the music and looking through it's pixiv tag :(

and i need to buy my books tomorrow
although my night class doesn't meet tomorrow yay!!

"If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal."

*goes off to make dinner*
kimura;; i'll just !!!!
WELL my first week of classes is done and now I can tell you all about them!

Dutch Language & Culture► It's awful LMFAO... I want to like it I really do but Dutch is like German's retarded cousin. The super guttural g and the fact that w sounds like w not v and v sounds like v and not f totally throws me for a loop every time. Plus, the professor doesn't teach us at all, he just gives us homework and expects us to learn it all on our own. And if we mess up, it's because never his fault, it's ours. Are you kidding me? At least help us out we've taken two classes and he thinks we've already gone from total beginner to being pretty good. Not a chance asshole. Thank god this is only for half the semester.

Introduction to 'Shari'a': Islamic Law & Morality► The course seems interesting, and I'm pretty sure we're going to learn a lot of cool stuff. But at the same time I have no idea what exactly we're going to do, the teacher was so vague about everything. He told us we didn't have to have this one book, and then was like J/K READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS FOR CLASS NEXT WEEK!! whaaaaat. fuck you man. *slowly reads it :'|*

Ethnic Diversity & Popular Culture► This course could be really good, or really bad. I can't tell yet, all I know is I have to do a research paper entirely based off my own field work. Fuck! The professor is really overzealous about teaching and this course, so I'm sure I'll be able to make her love me so I can get a fantastic grade even if I can't get a great paper written.

Pleasure & Politics: Anthropological Approaches to Sexuality► I thought this class was going to be about the whole LGBT community and stuff like that, but it's not. It's a class about sexual practices around the world. We're going to dedicate classes on porn, BDSM, fetishes, ritualized homosexuality, rape, sex as torture, the sex industry, etc. I'm so fucking pumped for this class I can't even describe to you guys. I have to do a research paper in this class too but I don't think I have to do field work for it... *screams inside*

And... that's about it! Oh and I've become a weed smoker lmao.... IT'S SO CHEAP HERE?/ i mean 8euro for a gram, you split it between 4 people, it's not only super fun&chill but it's so easy. There's no way I can keep up this habit in the states the weed there is disgusting and so much more expensive. I also went clubbing but it was made expensive and not really that fun. Bars are chill though, you just sit around with some friends and a beer and it's nice. LMFAO I MUST SEEM LIKE SUCH A DRUGGIE LMFAO but i mean amsterdam is just
the most chill place so when you have some drugs it's just
whatever. I dig that.

In other news, I need to buy books and practice riding mah bike!
kimura;; i'll just !!!!
Ahhhh more life updates from Amsterdam:

►Everyone here rides bikes. Always. The road laws are for cyclists, not pedestrians or drivers. Why, I don't know, but because of that everyone else I know has a bike (or really wants one) but me. I feel like I should get one and kind of want one, but I haven't ridden a bike since I was 8 or 9. I basically have to relearn, which is a total bitch. My only other option is public transport (which is rather expensive for the amount of traveling I'll have to do) or getting roller blades or something lmfao.

Although roller blades are really tempting.

►My roommate, Breanna, is the best. We have a lot of the same tastes in foods, so cooking is a breeze. Not only that but she's so fucking chill I can't even. We've ended up befriending a lot of the same people because we get along so well and everything. I hope this lasts because I seriously would want her to be my new bff.

►Pretty much everyone else on this trip is really cool too. There are a few people who are all about partying and being crazy & some people who just get on my fucking nerves (being huge drama queens or super abrasive), but other than that it's pretty awesome.

►Even something as simple as grocery shopping is a total adventure here. Everything is in Dutch so we have to figure out what stuff is between images and my shoddy German (it's enough like Dutch that it helps). I'm just... enjoying everything really!

►Classes start Monday. I'm part nervous, part mad excited. At the very least, no more orientation is amazing.

Clubbing in Europe is like trippin balls.

►So far I've walked all over the city center, gone to a coffeeshop (WINK WINK), went to a bar, went clubbing, been to the outdoor markets, saw them make cheese and wooden clogs, and rode the train. I'd say I'm rather Dutch now.

and finally

kimura;; i'll just !!!!
i have nothing to post about except this icon is awesome. all my icons are awesome. I HAVE SO MUCH ICON SPACE I COULD UPLOAD LIKE 55 MORE ICONS BUT IDFK WHAT TO USE IT FOR.


also, i had fish tacos for dinner. mm mm mm.


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